Burn Image on Wood

Maybe to simple of a question for most of you but here goes. I have tried many times to burn an image on a piece of wood…never comes out right. I have also watched a hours of video and I still seem to mess it up. Any step by step basic instruction? Wanted to burn an image of my father on a piece of wood. Then make that piece of wood a saw handle and give to mother.

Thank you as always!

Please post your files that you use, the original source file, the LightBurn file as it would be engraved, and photos of the finished product.

We can’t help you unless we know what you’re working with.

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If you have space on the piece of wood I would recommend a Material Test. It’s in the Laser Tools menu.

The engraving effects in wood can vary from tree to tree and change with humidity.

Can you show us pictures of the ‘not right’? Different ‘not right’ often requires different advice.

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Determine your spot size and use that for the line interval. If you use too small of an LI, you do increase resolution but then the image breaks down in darker areas as pixels from different rows collide .

Getting color change is different than cutting. Slower, low power often produces darker burns than higher power with higher speeds.

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