Burn inconsistency left to right

Ruida 644XG, Orion 80watt, 24x36 bed.
min power 20
When I burn anything that spans from the left of the bed to the right, the burn is darker on the left side than the right. Is this a mirror alignment issue?

Mine does the same thing… I thought maybe it was the bed out of level, but Im with in a 1/16 from corner to corner…

That’s what I thought too, I just leveled the machine before I burned this. Head scratcher…

When the head is at the left hand side it is closer to the laser.

Having such a wide disparity in such a small difference in distance indicates either a bed-to-head level issue (the focus goes out from L-R) or a bad mirror/head alignment.

1/16" is 1.5mm - when you have a very small focus sweet spot of about 1mm, that’s enough to be out of focus L-R.

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