Burn not recognizing Atomstack A5 Pro

Hi All, Thanks for the add. I just received my Atomstack A5 Pro today, Have been watching LIghtburn videos and all excited to burn something. Lightburn is not recognizing the laser. Have tried auto and manual. I get a blank screen. With some searching I think I learned there is a driver needed for the com port. (CH340) I am in no way a computer person. Is this the way to get the laser to talk to the software? I have waited 6 weeks for the laser to get here and would really like to get it burning. Thank You

A simple Google Search for “Atomstack A5 Pro drivers” yielded: Shenzhen AtomStack Technologes Co., Ltd

Welcome! Yes, you may need the appropriate driver installed to successfully connect.

I would also like to point you to our new, in-progress Documentation to help you get going. Progress until you complete the Simple Project, and please update to let us know how you are getting on. :slight_smile: Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

Would like to thank you all for the assist. Downloaded the driver and everything seems to be working at least making smoke. Sure I will be back numerous times.

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