Burn one path of an SVG

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I’m wondering if there’s a tool where I can select one “path” from the larger file. Image attached. Say I wanted to just burn this one part again?

Can I isolate it/select it from the bigger file and just burn that again?

Sometimes, maybe because of the wood I’m using (pine ply), certain parts of it won’t really take.


If your design is ungrouped, you can select that one item, and check the “Cut Selected Graphics” option. If all grouped together, you’d need to ungroup first.


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You could try the " Start from" button in the preview window.

I’m just starting with LB but my goodness, I’ve watched every update video and this software is really knocking down walls :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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If you’re running into the problem like me, when a certain piece didn’t burn nicely because a vein or knot in the wood, I use the boolean tool. If you want to do the whole section of an object then Steve’s advice is best by using the 'cut selected graphics."

But if you only want to do a portion? The only way I’ve found it to be done is to make a skinny rectangle, move it over your object you want to re-burn, then use boolean difference. This will cut your object. Do the same an inch or however much you want to redo over and repeat. Then ungroup and select the portion you want to reburn.

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Steve! When I click that toggle and try and select the specific path it seems that the whole piece gets selected so I’m assuming they’re “grouped”. Any link to how to ungroup them? Is that something I can do in Lightburn?

Got it,

Arrange >Ungroup

Sometimes, its best to just get in there and poke around! Thanks for you help

Try, Ctrl + U or look at the icons at top of the UI, one is a person’s head, next to it three heads together, they are tool-tipped. These are the Group / Un-group tools icons.

Select all your area of interest using the selection tool, then ungroup.
Then select your item :blush:

Or, sometimes it pays to read the manual… :grinning: Arrangement Toolbar - LightBurn Software Documentation

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