Burn only 1 of multiple objects

I have a lightburn file that I purchased. It’s an 8 layer cross.

When I select only the 1st cross and hit the frame button it crashes the machine into the limit stops.
For some reason it’s seeing the entire 8 objects even thou I have them placed outside the grid and not selected.

So instead of framing an area that will fit my machine envelope of about 7" X 10" it frames an area that is ~ 30" square.

If I delete the other objects this will become a problem, it’s layered and I have to keep the file intact to just burn each object individually.

Hopefully I explained my problem, I appreciate any help.

If you can select each one separately. then you can use the ‘cut selected’ graphics’ in the laser window.

When you run it, it will only send what’s selected…

What you need?


You can also set LightBurn to ignore shapes outside the workspace, to work as you expect.

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That was the fix, it was making me crazy :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the quick reply and helping me sort this out, back to cutting!

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