Burn residue on nozzle

I have a60 watt Chinese laser and am using itarry residue building up on the nozzle. Should

Hi, I think we only got part of your question.

Use rubbing alcohol on a Qtip

Outside the nozzle or inside the nozzle? What are you cutting that’s so nasty?

I laser Poplar, Hickory, and several other woods. The remaining sap in the wood makes a real mess on our laser nozzle. We have air assist but it doesn’t clear that away.
We get it on outside and inside. I take it apart every day before starting work and clean them inside and out as well as the lens. Omtech 60W

If you’re getting build up on the INSIDE of the nozzle then your air assist is not doing its job.
I’ll guess you’re using the aquarium pump that comes with most OMT machines?
I found mine to be quite insufficient and hooked up to a real compressor. Night & day difference.

If you are cutting and you get any smoke above the board then your air assist and air extraction are not working properly. If engraving then you might look at where the air enters your engraving area and update that so the air blows across the top of the wood. For example, my air assist blows through the cut so all the smoke is sucked out from under the board but when I engrave, I will stick a couple of 1/2" pieces of wood in my door so the fresh air is pulled in from that opening, flows across the board and is sucked back and out. I also use a custom air assist nozzle I designed which lets only a small amount of air in the lens nozzle area and most of the air is blown at high velocity through a long tube at the cutting/focal point. Merged Air Nozzle V1 for K40 by DOugL - Thingiverse There are some good remixes of that too.

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