Burn stalled. How to finish? Beginner mode?

Was burning when half way through everything stopped. I was using my laptop. Had to upload the file to my main computer but even then I can’t finish the burn without going over half of what has already been burned.

Read a comment about using 180˚ to start my project and just monitor it when it begins to overlap the original cut. However, I have beginner and don’t have that feature.

What is beginner mode and how do I get out of that?

You’ll find it in Edit → Settings.

You can use the Preview window to (re)start from any point in the job: drag the slider until you like what you see, then hit Start here.

That requires having the material at exactly the same spot on the platform and, if the machine has been reset, it must home accurately and repeatably.

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Ed got the answer before I could submit.

In this example, the cut will restart at 4:14:25

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