Burn Variation on material

Hi Everyone,

New laser user here. I’m having trouble with burn variation during the same engraving on the same material. I use the laser for work and we’re working on constant project. It seems as though the further back in the laser you go the focus and burn variation is different. Even on small projects and the laser doesn’t have to move much the variation is different. What could be away around that?

You need to provide some information so that you can get help. Your machine, material, your settings, pictures always make it better to understand …

Are you saying that burning in different locations on the laser bed gives different results?

That would usually indicate that either your mirror alignment is off or your bed isn’t level and focus varies across the bed.
Either way, that would be a mechanical problem that needs to be addressed.

Please update your forum profile with the laser equipment you have, so others don’t have to ask and you don’t have to repeat yourself. :wink:

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