Burned onto top of Wood during cut

Brand new to laser!

I used the materials settings that Xtool provided. Previous cuts with this setting did fine, then all of a sudden it got ugly! I am using 3mm birch with the settings from Xtool of 360 at 100%. Made several cuts earlier and they came out clean with little to no burn shadow on top. After the alarm, I went back to a file that I cut cleanly earlier today, and it BURNED over and on top of the wood…nothing like this morning.

I run Lightburn 1.2 on an Xtool D1Pro 20w laser. I’m using a Gateway laptop to run it on.

While I was cutting a file, it was doing great, then all of a sudden it started over burning onto tour top of the wood. The alarm went off. The error message said: flameCheck

I have no idea what happened or how to fix it. I sent a picture of what I was running, and what it said on my console.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Lisa Grant

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