Burning a step <see attached>

Looking to do a project, but it requires a step. The only way I can think to do it would be to convert the circle to an image and then just take many many passes. Any other methods? Pic attached is not the exact item, but you’ll get the jist. The left circle is to mount a magnet to where I do not want it to go thru (cut a whole) to the other side.

Much thanks

I’ve done what you seek, specifically in MDF, as it has a more-or-less uniform material distribution. Plywood, by design, is varying materials and various density.
Using the fill feature, create your circle to match the desired diameter of the hole.

I suggest creating a test piece, providing different speeds and power settings. I found that multiple faster passes creates a smoother floor to the hole, but takes more time than a high power, slow speed. If appearance is important, multiple passes works better.

As you’ve stated, it’s for a magnet, which means a slow high power fill will give you a deeper hole, with a rougher surface, perhaps better for bonding the magnet. In the slow, high power case, you’ll want to brush away debris as well.

Top line is speed, bottom is power settings for a 60W red/black

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So it is doable…much thanks for confirming.

Make signs for the fridge, cut ‘steps’ to glue magnets into them so they are just flush…


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