Burning all of the time

Hi, I have just connected to a 500 x 700 Chinese laser with a Ruida controller. Firstly when I cut a test it is burning in the top right corner upside down. I have changed the origin in device settings which then flips the job into the correct position for the machine but is upside down on the computer screen. Can I change this?
Secondly the machine is cutting all the time, it doesn’t switch off the laser between burns. The console won’t let me type anything in to it!

I have just opened another file which has burned in the correct orientation. Still got burn lines all over the place!

With a DSP controller this issue is almost always a bad high voltage power supply. You don’t get a console because the controller does not use GCode.

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Thanks very much for getting back to me. I did some research and asked on a FB forum too and everything is pointing towards the psu. I have been in touch with the supplier and they are sending a new one out. Thanks again, Greg.

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