Burning an image on glass

I am trying to burn an image on glass. Everything goes fine until I press start. The software moves the laser to the correct starting position, then it fires one beam of light then the software “reboots”… I have attached images from the project and the setup. Any insights would be helpful

What software reboots?

Lightburn should not ‘crash’ under any circumstances. If it is, you might want to drop a note to support.


Hi Jack, yeah… I have never had software reboot…Only hardware. I will contact support next week… Thanks.


If it’s trying to lase and grbl controller reboots, sometimes it indicates the supply doesn’t have the current capability to drive it.

Good luck


The Console window is showing a backtrace. If you scroll back in the text there to before the backtrace you may see an error message.

Feel free to copy / paste the backtrace and error message here.

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