Burning in end grain

Anyone have any tips for power and speed on hard maple end grain? I’m just running a Jtech 7W…

Hi Cole,
You get to try it out. Every laser machine is different. I’ve done a lot of test slices, with the values ​​written on top (speed power and focus height). The test pieces I then use as reference the next time I work with the same material but still have to fine tune it.
For example, there are almost never two similar types of plywood, one day you cut through just like butter, the next day you think your laser is broken because it does not cut through 4mm plywood …
But if you are completely out in the field, start with, for example, 25% power and 50% speed of your machine, use some leftovers and try your way. By the way, I’ve always been fine with finding the right parameter, it’s a sometimes interesting step in the whole process.
Good pleasure and good luck

Ok thank you. Was definitely going to run some test I was just looking for a good starting point. We will give it a test today.

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