Burning Opposite/Inverted/Negative?

Hopefully someone can assist me with this. All of a sudden my burns are coming out inverted, negative, opposite not sure the proper term. Basically if I have a solid line as my image it burns all the area in the frame except the line. I am sure I am missing something simple in a setting but my brain will not allow me to keep trying to figure it out . I know it not the image since I burned it two days ago without any problem. Any assistance is much appreciated.

A picture always helps to explain what you are saying. If you post the lightburn file here, people will verify your results on different machines.

From your description, I suspect that you have a duplicate item. Try using the DELETE DUPLICATES command to see if that is the issue.

When I get home I will try that and if not I will post the images. Thanks for the help.

All good. We want to help you learn, not just fix your problem :slight_smile:

An easy way to upload screen shots is to use SHIFT+WIN+S. That opens a window that lets you drag a box around what you want to image. Then it puts that image on the clipboard. Open the window to reply in the forum and press CTRL+V to paste.

This litttle icon in the reply window is how you upload your project files to the forum.