Burns in corners

Wondering if someone can help out?
Keep getting these burn marks in the corners of cuts as shown in the picture.
Running a Aeon Mira 9, 90w, Acrylic is raised above the honeycomb by 10mm with standoffs.
Material is white cast acrylic, 3mm thick, speed is 18mm/sec, max/min. Power is at 52% max, 51% min. Any lower, i get the jagged underside edge on the cut.

I fine the Mira a very fickle machine to tame!

It’s very difficult to see in this photo… I cut 3mm acrylic on my 40W at 20mm/s@70% … so I’m wondering.

I’d say it’s likely you don’t have the minimum value low enough. I’ve never see a 1% in power change do anything to a co2. Can you do this with a bit more speed so the controller has a better range to operate?

Check the Ruida start speed is low enough.

If you run <= start speed, you will always use minimum power…


This article from the job quality troubleshooting page on our documentation may be of assistance: