Burns stopping before being finished

I posted a thread earlier about my burns stopping due to M9 being sent out. But It’s not that. I have been trying to engrave some Scratch paper this morning and the burn has stopped twice so far. No this does not happen on every one I do. It’s random. When it happens the Laser systems just stops. Sometimes with the laser still firing. If I hit pause and resume nothing happens. If I hit stop I get control of the steppers back and the laser turn off. My system is a DIY CoreXY controlled by a BTT SKR 1.4. Which was a working controller in my 3d printer. Also the USB cable has been used for Months with this board when in my Printer. I have gone into Windows 7 (yes older PC) and turned off everything having to do with shutting down devices… I don’t know what else to try other than putting the Gcode onto a SD and trying that. Looking for ideas. Thanks

check for power supply

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Thanks will do. Currently running fine off a SD card. Same burn. But I notice the print speed is a lot faster off the SD than it is over the USB with the same settings. Weird.

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Think I will up the transmission rate over the USB and see if that helps.

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