Business Logo not saving or printing correctly

I have a customer’s Logo that comprises of three things Their Company Name in large text, their business in small text and a set of mountains in the rear behind everything. The mountains are green

My problem is that when I send it to the laser it only prints the words and not the mountains. I have tried to convert to grayscale but still have the same issue, also if I trace the image, it will trace the mountains. and print the mountains but it looks weird so I would like to just fill in the mountains without the trace.

I am also having a problem that I have to flip it horizontally every time I send it to the laser, or it prints backwards but all my other files print correctly.

I’ve tried saving image into various formats and I am still getting same results.

It almost seems as if there is some sort of encoding on the file. When I try editing file in Lightburn the mountains do not show up. I have tried manipulating file using Inkscape with not much luck. when I send it to my laser only the words show up unless I do a trace. I have separated these three items in different layers that did not work either. If I send it as 1 layer the mountains still get ignored.

Any ideas on what is happening

If possible, can you drop the logo you’re attempting here for us to examine. I understand if it’s a proprietary but it would simplify us in assisting you.

What format is the logo? Sometimes .pdf files have multiple pages…

Is this a new machine?

The most probably cause of flipping an image is because you have the origin set in the software different than the machine is set. Home on the machine and Origin in ‘Edit → Device Settings’ should be set to the same corner. If it’s artwork you used from another machine, unless the home locations are the same the image will be mirrored.


Thank you for your response.
I got permission to send this to you by Altura.

I hope you can help me on this.

Yes, my laser is new I’ve had it less than a month. Learning it’s ins and outs.
It is a BOSS HP3655 155w CO2

I am most grateful for your help

I have orders for this logo to go on many different items from glassware to signs to wood products.

Thank you again


What’s happening is that the mountains have an alpha transparency applied to them. I think LightBurn must treat any level of transparency as transparent and so excludes it from bitmap processing.

I’ve made an updated view by adding a white background to the overall image and resaving.

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