Busy or paused error

I have a new laser 700x500 using a Trocen AWC TL-3120 controller. I loaded Lightburn and it found my laser no problem. I draw a rectangle to test cut. When I “send” a file I get a busy or paused error message. After resetting and turning things on and off, I can get it to load. But it will only cut using the laser controller board. And it cuts only where the laser head is at. It will go to home (after a reset) but then it goes back to slightly left of mid upper area. So it looks like Lightburn can communicate with the laser but the laser doesn’t obey the commands.

Additional info to my problem: I can get a file to “send” and I can get it to cut but not where I want it. If I manually move the laser head to the front left corner, it will cut the part out in that corner. If I send it home, it first goes to the upper right corner then slightly left of sent close to the top. It will cut a part out from that position. So I seem to have some kind of home and origin position issue. I have tried moving the Lightburn “Job Origin” to different places but it doesn’t make a difference. I only have a little hair left to pull out. Help!

Are you pressing the ‘Origin’ button on the controller? If the controller is in ‘Key Origin’ mode (the default) you need to move the laser head where you want the job to start, then press the ‘Origin’ button to tell it that’s the spot you want it to start at. You can also press the ‘Set Origin’ button in LightBurn.

Ok. That is helpful. Maybe I am stuck on old methods of thinking. Does this mean that the position of the drawing on the grid is not important?

If you’re in ‘Key Origin’ mode the position of the drawing on the grid isn’t used. You can set the machine to be in ‘Soft Origin’ mode, meaning that the software controls where the design goes, and then it’s used. Unfortunately the Trocen controllers don’t give us the ability to set this - you have to do it through a menu on the controller itself, but it’s not usually an issue if you know that’s how it works. The Key Origin mode is the most common one to use.

Ok. Great Thanks. At least for now I can cut parts and get caught up on back orders. I will try to find and reset to “soft origin” I am struggling but it is so nice to read English instead of a combination of Chinese, Russian, and Klingon. I am in trial but I will happily pay you guys. Thanks again.

This should help:

I found out how to change the origin. (Pretty deep into the drop downs.) I tried a few different settings but I will have to learn more. For now I can work with the “key origin” mode. I will look for the “machine coordinates” mode and try that also. Thanks so much. My hair is beginning to grow back.

I am used to using the Chinese software LaserCut that came with my first laser. I had to memorize the position of buttons because the labels were not legible. My wife is Chinese and she could not read many of them. The approach was very different. I think as I learn your approach I will like it a lot.

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