Buy Jason an Epilog - GoFundMe?

Those of us with Epilog lasers would sure love LightBurn to offer Epilog support. Jason et al have said that they can’t afford an Epilog to play with. Now that the Maker series is out, a new Epilog can be had for $9999 plus tax and shipping.

How about we start a Buy Jason an Epilog GoFundMe and see if we can generate enough $ to get him an Epilog. Assuming if we did that he’d work on supporting it.


Please feel free to reach out to Epilog and ask them if their hardware works with LightBurn and When they plan to become a LightBurn Distributor. :slight_smile:

It’s easier for us to work with manufacturers who are eager, interested and actively working with us for what we’re bringing to the table.

Be sure to ask on ‘the socials’ as well.

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