Buy Lightburn license

my trial version is expiring and I will buy the license
Do I have to watch out for something when buying?
i use skr pro with marlin on my mpcnc and use lightburn mainly for lasering and creating gcode in use with an sd card.
Thank you Grassy

You will have 2 license type options, DSP or G-code. Either one will work in your case since DSP also supports G-code. G-code option is cheaper. You are also allowed to upgrade at a later date.

there seem to be several providers online
I’m from Austria !
Would have liked to have bought the cheaper one.
does it not matter which provider or is there a specific one?
Unfortunately I’m not that good with English, despite the translator, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher it!
Thanks for the quick help earlier!!!

Buy from Lightburn.

If all of your work is GRBL then the Gcode one works.
If you have a more advanced controller then you will need DSP.

There are pictures of the controllers on the website but I think you know GRBL well.

You can buy directly from LightBurn.
Click this to see pricing or shop in Euro.

Click here to select Gcode or DSP depending on your controller.

The note next to the controller image may not translate.
it says “Example supported hardware shown”. it is a short note to say “If your controller looks like this one - buy this one.”

I typed this out so it would go through your translator.

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