Buying a Galvo fiber laser to use with my DSP CO2 laser

I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered (I did a quick search and did not see it)

I am currently using LB 1.4 with my CO2 laser and now I am buying a Galvo Fiber laser. I know that I will need to purchase the Galvo license for LB. My question is will I need to run two versions of LB on my computer or can I run both lasers from a single instance of LB?

I switch between the little diode, the China Blue co2 and the fiber in a single instance of Lightburn… it’s in the device settings that lets you determine specific hardware type requirements…

Make sense?

When you have questions, sing out… none of us got these out of the box and working without questions…

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll have great fun



By design, LightBurn allows one to define (step 1) multiple ‘Devices’ or device profiles and select (step 2) the one you are keen to work with for a given job. All from a single instance of LightBurn. :slight_smile:


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My Galvo fiber laser finally arrived. I just purchased the Galvo add on license (for existing DSP license).

I deactivated the license on my Lightburn, restarted entered my license number and Lightburn 1.4.0 started as normal. Everything looks exactly the same. How do I know if I have the Galvo license added correctly? Do I need to download a new version?


Did you create a device profile for the fiber and did you import the EZCad file that came with your fiber…?

The display should be different as the fiber home is in the center and it’s size is probably different as well…

Ensure it’s got the proper device selected…


When I search for new devices it only finds my existing DSP CO2 laser, does not see the fiber. I have the fiber turned on and the USB cable plugged in.

Did you try this with EZCad2? If it works with EZCad2, then it probably has the wrong drivers for Lightburn…

Try selecting your created fiber device where it says Ruida 644XG

The Ruida may be the default device.


Do I need to install the EZCAD driver first, before LB can find it?

No, they seem to be incompatible… Here’s a video from Laser Everything that lays it out…

If you installed the default drivers when you installed Lightburn, you should be good…

Did you follow the Lightburn guide for setting up the machine?


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Thank you for the help, that video was exactly what I needed, everything is working now

There is one last question on setup, when I opened one of my existing LB files all the graphics were shown upside down. When I engraved them on the laser they were correct. So I suspect I have something inverted in the settings. I imported all the EXCAD settings so not sure what needs to be changed.

In the device settings, change which galvo is the X axes…


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