Buying a Lightburn camera

Have tried to align a Logitech C922 Pro webcam as camera in the laser.
I works ok, but have some troubles aligning it, so it fits spot on.
Would like to try the lightburn camera, but would like to buy it in Europe, so
I don’t have the extra expences with customs and duty.
Is there any similar cameras, that are available within the EU ?


We don’t have a distributor in Europe. If you are running Win8 or greater, pretty much any USB camera can work. We’ve had good experience with ELP and Spinel camera modules available from Amazon.

Thanks for info, Oz.
I just thought, that the “original lightburn camera” would give me better precision in the corners.
Have a 90 x 140cm bed and I’m off by 4-7mm in the corners…

When you ran the alignment process, did you scale up the job to fit the size of your laser? That helps to improve the accuracy.

Yes, scaled it to 380%. That is the max for my bed and camera, but I got a slightly better result at 250%.


If it’s accurate in the middle but not on the sides, chances are that the material surface height changed between when you did the alignment and when you captured. The alignment process does the math to align the laser output to that exact height, so when you load new material, you set it to the focus height of the laser first, then capture, and that should be accurate.

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