Buying a used K40

So I found a used K40 for $200 is there anything to look for when I go to pick it up and when I get it home what are some the first things I should do

check that it fires, the mirrors are there and decent, and that the wiring doesnt look shoddy or disconnected. i would also look at the control board: if it is a moshiboard(will have a MS101xx number on it) know that it will need replacing. If it is a nano thats better but not by much(doesnt work with lightburn either way)

If you get the chance to see the machine in action, ask him to cut a piece of 3mm plywood. It shouldn’t be a problem to cut out a topic. My 1 year old K40 manages the task with 950mm/min and 28% power = approx.8.5 mA and 2 turns. The cutting edge is brown/yellow and not burnt.

Be careful the test piece is not poplar or balsa wood.

The first thing I want to do with the new Laser is give the machine a controller that can run with LightBurn and control all the mechanical and electrical connections. Air support is also very important, I run with a 3D printed nozzle with a small 12V fan, quite reasonable.

Hope you have lots of good time with your Laser.