Buying CO2 laser that works with LightBurn without changing controller?


I’m using 30W diode laser for sometime, it is working ok, but just for engraving … I cannot cut wood, plexi, etc … Now I’m searching for cheap CO2 laser that will work with LB out of the box …

Please any suggestions would be great


My laser is a Omtech 60W and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It has done almost everything I have asked of it. I would not hesitate to buy another if needed.

A good thing when asking for recommendations is to give an indication of a) your budget b) your country c) your intended use/size of machine you need.

Im from Slovenia, budget aprx 800usd size 30x20cm would be enough for now…

My recommendation would be to save up EU1500

Theres nothing worthwhile in your price range and nothing that will work with LB.

Ok. What you recommend for 1500€?

Why not change the controller? It takes longer to implement a necessary ammeter for the machine than to replace the nano with a Mini-Gerbil board. (I replace it in less than 5 minutes it is real plug and play)
K40 + Mini-Gerbil = approx. 400 Euro, the rest of the money you can use for proper extraction and cooling.
Otherwise I will give Bo right, but it is step 3 in the development :wink:

He doesn’t have a K40, he has a ‘30W’ diode.

Why buy something unsuitable and upgrade it when you can buy a suitable machine and have it work out of the box?

… it’s part of the “trade”, K40 + controller

The heading was pretty specific “without changing the controller”

I looked at instructions and is really simple to change … maybe I will go with this, K40 + change controller, must sleep on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for help

Bo, when I talk about approx. 1/3 of the investment, I think Grega could be a little “less specific” and interested. Not everyone can jump from a small 5Watt diode to a 60Watt CO2. For me, the 2 K40 years have been a very welcome development step and if only the bed was twice as big, I would probably be able to use it for a good while yet. (I work primarily in 0.8-4mm ply and acrylic)

I don’t care. out of bounds. No runs. Wicket over! :slight_smile:

The question was ‘without changing the controller’.

I am also bought the same one from Woodworkers Coupons and they offered a good discount on my purchase, so in my opinion, you once visit there if you want this one at a reasonable amount.

I ended up buying stronger diode laser (neje master 2s plus) - figured out that for what I do it is enough and there is still possibility that I upgrade later with 40W module (15w optical power). Thanks for all help. :slight_smile:

Grega, congratulations on your new laser. Personally, I would have chosen differently because I have been through the process of diode lasers. I use the diode once in a while for small fine graphics but cut everything with the CO2 laser. The cut is very nice and it goes faster.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I already paid for co2 40w but I changed my mind. I figured out that I dont do so much cutting and cheap co2 dont support lightburn… and Im limited financialy. I also need this just for my hobby (for now) so I think it will do for now. Next upgrade will be 40w (15w) laser head in future. But still it is quite upgrade from 20w vigotec I had before. Less power and more speed for same jobs.

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