Buying the right camera for my laser

Hi there, I just ordered a Thunder Laser Mini 60. The bed of this laser is 23.6" x 15.7" or 599.44 mm x 398.78 mm. I have not received the laser cutter yet. Can you tell me what size camera I need for this machine? Thanks you guys!

I forgot to add this to my post. I am on a Mac. Not sure if this makes any difference. Thanks!

As important as the size of the bed is the height of the camera above the bed. The video I found shows one short segment with the cover open and it looks like you have a number of mounting options with respect to positioning. You’d want the camera as close to centered over the bed when the cover is open and you’d want to know what that dimension is.

I have a 500x700 redsail clone. The lens angle escapes me at present, but I was not able to get the cover high enough to encompass the entire bed. I suspected that would be the case when I ordered the camera.

I’ve since replaced the lift struts with fixed braces which enabled me to gain a few centimeters elevation and puts the camera more centered as well. Of course I can’t close the cover with bolted-in-place struts, but I’ve not closed the cover since purchase.

If you can get the elevation information from the seller, you’ll have a starting point. Take a look at the camera page and you’ll see the math involved.

For example, for the 120° lens, you’ll need 400 mm elevation for the bed to fit in frame. For the 140° lens, it’s only 333 mm elevation. That’s approximately 16" for the former and 13" for the latter.

From the scale of the components in the video I watched, I think you’ll have plenty of leeway. That cover appears to have a tremendous elevation and you might be able to work the 80/90° lens, which requires 428 mm or about 17 inches. The 60° lens at 727 mm high/ 29 inches isn’t likely to fit well, I suspect.

The altitude/elevation measurement is to be taken from the bed level, with the bed raised to focus height.

With the height of the lid on the Mini 60, the 5mp-60 is likely the best camera choice.

Thanks for the information, Fred!

And thank you, LightBurn Oz! So very helpful!

Hi LightBurn Oz,
My Mac OS is 10.11.6. Is that compatible with the 5mp-60 camera?

Yes. LightBurn requires MacOS 10.11 or later.

Perfect! Thanks Rick!

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