C02 recommendations

Hi there,
I have been using a Ortur LM20 for a couple of months now and I have had some success at local markets. I am doing some research for a C02 laser, and I am looking for recommendations on machines and things to be aware of when buying a C02 laser. Controller, cooling system and extraction system are some of the items I am aware of at the moment, but if there are other items/parts which I should know about, it would be great to get a heads up.

I know recommendations will be based on budget and what I will be cutting so
An ideal max budget would be 2000 to 2500 including everything, shipping and extra parts which I may need - extraction / cooling system etc.
Materials to be cut, up to 3.5 - 4mm leather, acrylic for signage, wood for beer and whiskey cases and wedding products.

I am hoping to use this to grow my business over the coming year. Any advice and recommendations are welcome. I am based in Ireland for shipping.

Here is a great place to start and ask questions.