C02 Vs Diode time difference

Hi All, I have had a 5.5W sculpfun S6 Pro and have had good luck with this but it is SLOW! I have recently started selling my engraved items to shops for wholesale and am trying to build up enough items im my stock to start a business. If all goes well which I think it will, I will be looking at a Co2 laser cutter from Vever Euroupe. Im looking at the 60/80/100W Co2 and am trying to gauge the profit margin if I am to go ahead and make this investment.

To do this, im wondering what is the time difference between a 5.5W Diode and a Co2 60-100W.

At the moment I am assuming a factor of 7 but am unsure if this is accurate. I have assumed a factor of 1.75 euro per hour for running and maintenance assuming the tube lasts 2000hours.

Would appreciate some of your guys expertise.


It depends a bit on the size of your old and new machine bed and what materials you are working with. It is not only the cutting time itself but the preparation for the process and possible finishing.
If you are interested in the actual cutting time for a specific item, then feel free to send the file up here or as a PM, then I will give you the result with the time I spend with my 60 Watt machine on that item.
The power consumption is, all inclusive, with my system approx. 1000Watt / h.
In addition to depreciating the machine and renting for your workshop, you have material costs and a time factor, all of which must be included in an account to find the right price per item.

Well finishing and preparation is ok to estimate but its the differance in actually doing the same process.
Well my current machine is 420x400mm and is 5.5W diode
I want to get a larger machine as I want to do larger glass items. In terms of speeds and power settings, what are your settings. Im I am thinking correct, if the dot size of both lasers are 0,1mm, then the speed of the laser mm/s should show a comparable time difference. Correct me if im wrong. Ignoring prep time and just laser processing time, below are some of the settings im using. im not using 100% as it reduces the life span of the laser.

So my settings are as follows:
Glass painted-1500 @ 85% of 5.5W
Wood nice brown engraving 1500mm/m@ 20-30@
Wood Cutting birch ply 3mm 150mm/s @85% power 2 passes/4 passes when doing 6mm.

What are your setting for doing roughly the same?

Most of the stuff is small but I would like the option to do larger.


I’m a little confused that you’re jumping between units of measure.
If we stick to mm / s then I engrave wood, acrylic, mdf and similar materials with anything between 100-300mm / s. I do not have enough experience with glass but it is similar in speeds. Power settings are when engraved at the low end, between 10 and 25% which corresponds to approx. 2-5mA also for glass.
I cut 3mm plywood nicely with 30 mm / s and about 40% -45% (about 10mA-12mA), but it depends a lot on the wood quality. If I want a very fine and completely clean cut, I use half approx. of both values.

I also have a 5.5 Watt diode laser 300x400, fine laser but I used it lately only for engraving. Cutting wood seriously, this laser could not handle. If the cut edge is not reddish brown / brown, but black and discolors on kitchen roll or a white cloth, then I can not use it for my purpose.
It is primarily when cutting that the great advantage is found in a CO2 laser machine. And by acrylic processing, which I also do in periods.