C3D on K40 / power and board recognition?

First, every install direction I find says to set the device to Cohesion3D (Smoothieware) yet I only find the name Smoothieware. The SW does not auto detect or find the board. But a manual set and it connects. Am I good?

Second, I have power knob set at max output of 20ma. Did my first piece with power st 50%. The amp needle went to 15ma??? Did some line tests and meter is at 10ma at 20% it’s at 6.5ma at 2.2%. So either I’m missing something or is it related to question #1?

I’ve read everything I could find but stuck. Thanks.

I don’t know what C3D board you have. For the laserboard the official documentation has clear instruction about the smoothieware option:

Chris, thanks for replying. I have the C3D Laserboard with the pre installed Smoothie. The instructions say to select Cohension3D (smoothie) yet there is only a Smoothieware selection in the lightburn SW. Also, when I select “find my laser” it does not see it, yet if set manually it does talk to it.

I’m still confused why the % power is off. Any help is appriciated.

I’ve cross posted in the Cohension board also. Thanks

If you follow the link in my last post to the cohesion3d forum with the LaserBoard documentation you will see that it has been updated to reflect the updated setup process for the smoothieware firmware for the laserboard.

I’ll have to look into why the % of power isn’t so close.

Sorry you are having issues with the ‘Find my Laser’ feature. You can set up using the manual process selecting the Smoothieware option. We have recently changed the displayed names in the list of supported environments. Listing every hardware manufacture was growing into an unmanageable list, so we reduced it down to the supported firmware list for GCode systems. This is why you are no longer seeing the listing for “Cohesion3D” Smoothieware as it is replaced with the new name of just Smoothieware.

Thanks Rick :smile: Any thought on the power % ?

I’d like to see what our friends from C3D offer back as I am not as familiar with the K40/C3D setup as they are and want you to get a solid response. We are on the weekend here so hopefully, they are out enjoying it so it may take a little time, but someone will chime in on this.

Thanks, Have a great weekend. And from only using the SW for 3 days I like it. Still lots to learn, but looking forward to it. Cheers :grinning:

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I will post the final fix or answer here for y’alls info.


The PWM output from the board to the power supply is linear, but the power consumed by the tube isn’t likely to be, so your numbers aren’t surprising.

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