Cajun Experiences

I am taking my son on a “Father / Son” trip soon to Louisiana USA on an adventure he watched on the YouTube channel Catfish and Carp when they stayed with Cajun Experiences.

While he and I were watching more about this place the other night, I thought it would be a really cool gift to present them a creation made from their logo.

This is on .82 inch (21mm) solid maple measuring 10" wide by 13" tall (254mm x 330mm). I took the offset generated by LightBurn into VCarve Pro and used the CNC mill to create the blank.

Then I used that same offset with LightBurn to create a template pocket on a bandit sign fixed to the laser bed.

Freshly finished (and still wet) in a satin polyurethane.


Nice gift. Well done. I am sure they will be very pleased. :slight_smile:

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