Calcomp Digitizer?

I’d like to use a Calcomp digitizing tablet to input blueprints of parts to cut out with my laser. Is there a way to set up such an input tablet (Roll-Up 3036 III) in Lightburn?


If it works like an ordinary pointing device (mouse / trackball / tablet), it should Just Work™ in LightBurn to move the cursor around and click-to-set points & nodes.

I’ve used a Huion tablet for freehand layout in LightBurn, but a trackball seems more suitable for precise work. Perhaps my hand isn’t steady enough for the fine resolution required to drop points exactly on target, but adjusting the ball produces better results.

For real precision, I feed coordinates & offsets directly into the Numeric Edits fields.

Thanks. I believe it will emulate a mouse input so I’ll give it a try. The 16 button cursor (magnifier w/crosshairs) should enable very precise point selection, and this is what I need to be able to recreate parts from blueprints. I’ll provide feedback once I get everythng set up. (a week or two away).

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