Calculating Material Cost

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if we have the capability to input price per square inch/feet into Lightburn for specific material types and then have it automatically calculate pricing.

Same with price for cut time.

This doesn’t take a huge amount of time to do, but just wondering if the software already has this ability. Thanks!

LightBurn does not have any such capabilities. I created a spreadsheet with my costs for wood, acrylic, etc. that I can input the size of it I’m using, my markup that I want, as well as my cut time, assembly time, etc and it spits out a suggested price.


Yeah that’s what I’m currently doing as well, it would have just been a nice feature to have if it existed. Thanks!

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In my experience there is quite a bit of waste material produced on most of the jobs I do. I’m just a hobbyist but have several cardboard boxes of scraps that aren’t small enough to toss in the trash, but aren’t the right shape for the current project.

I’m mostly a hobbyist, but have done paid jobs before. When I do, I bill for the number of full size sheets I expect to use, including a spare sheet or two in case of user errors.

I usually fudge the area of material I’m using to try and take into account the waste. Plus, I’m marking it up so I’m more than paying for the material I’m using in the end.

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