Calibrate axis broke my machine

Hi guys, I’ve recently been having issues with my y axis. Today I finally got it all back working to notice it was 3mm off on the axis so u used the calibrate axis function of light burn but now my machine screen is stuck on system init… Please let me know what can be done to resolve this. Thanks

Which version of LightBurn are you using and on which OS?

Either the latest or at the very least the last one. And windows 10

Do you have AutoLaser installed? Can you check with AutoLaser what the step length ended up as, and make sure it’s what you asked for? (It’s possible that the code in LightBurn wrote the value incorrectly - I’ll double check)

My controller has stuck on the loading screen since (system intialising) and no matter what I do it wont get past that point. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened and lightburn as wrote the code wrong and left the machine in a state of trying to load that setting but cannot. Lightburn no long connects to the controller as it wont load up at all. Even if I unplug the drivers it still wont load. So I’m assuming no other program will detect it till the controller as finished figuring out what it was told to do.

Press the ‘Pause’ button to break out of the init. That’s the controller trying to home.