Calibrate axis Top Wisdom

I have the latest version of Lightburn. I have 2 50 watt lasers. One has the Ruida controller which is easy-to-use with lightburn. However the other laser has a Topwisdom controller and I can not calibrate the Y-axis. I can not on table or on rotary…please help.

You will have to explain what’s happening in more detail to the Y axes… Has it ever worked?


I have also had to guess and burn and resize on scrap till I got it right. I go to the calibrate axis and nothing changes.

Some specifics would be nice… did you try just a of 100mm on a side and see what was produced…?

This is kind of odd, and I don’t have one of these controllers…

Maybe @Rick has a better solution…


I laser a 2" x 2" square. X axis measures 2" and Y axis measures 1.075". I have tried to use the calibrate axis in Lightburn with no change. Works fine on my ruida laser

I was hoping that Rick would drop in… I don’t know Top Wisdom controllers and they have some quirks… I think only the Lightburn people could give you a proper answer…

If you don’t hear from them in a reasonable time frame, I’d send a request to the support team.


I did see this and I am investigating further. I, too, am not super up on the family of TopWisdom motion controllers. I have reached out to the dev team and will report back as I learn. :slight_smile:

@kenjbro77, for now, you should be able to use AutoLaser, the software that comes with the control system, to assist with calibration.

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