Calibrate Camera

How do you do that?

I was trying to calibrate a camera and the program kept sticking and “not responding” kept popping up.

Very frustrating since it is a Lightburn camera

I was trying to calibrate the Lightburn camera. When i put the “target” on the bed and hit “capture” the program would say “processing”. After a few minutes, the top bar would say “Lightburn not responding”. You then got an option to either wait or close the program.

After doing that 8 times at about 5 minutes at a time, i finally got frustrated enough that i just quit for the evening.

I has the same issue with on of my cameras. Sometime they can be stubborn.
This link to the video help me out. The fact that you can calibrate the camera when it is not mounted wast the part that got me over the hump. After the camera was calibrate the the alignment went well. Hope you find some help in this video

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