Calibrating a rotary tool - How do you find the steps per rotation?

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Firstly, can i just say how awesome lightburn is. RDworks is a nightmare for new users, lightburn is a dream <3, so much so i just purchased a license and a camera :slight_smile:

I have a 900x600 Chinese laser with a Ruida RDC6442S-B controller and this is the stepper motor:

Can i check, are there tricks to working out the steps per rotation? the manufacturer doesn’t know (or wont tell me).

thank you!


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and here is what the rotary tool looks like:

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I’d start here:

Searching this forum for “ruida rotary” will produce more good results as well:

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ok, thanks Ray, I’ll give it a whirl on the weekend.

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Hi Ray, so finally got around to sorting this out, and 100%, with a bit of guess work, i got there. Its good enough hey, i can make this work for what i need!

To the eye, it looks fine… is there a mathematically way to calculate this?

In RDworks, there is a measurement vs. graph length setting, where i can enter the actual value of the cut / shape. Is there a setting somewhere like this in RD works, that re-calibrates the software to the cutting bed on the machine?

thank you sir for all your help, you guys rock my world :slight_smile:

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