Calibration 8mp 50 w omtech

When i try to calibrate my 8mp camera it does a approx 12in square in center of bed,I thought it would do all 4 corners.Problem is when great in center when engraving but messurements and placement is off when placing at sides of bed

My 50 watt is 5030, so a 12x12 (300x300) is going to be an issue.

My guess would be that it’s too long of a lens. You didn’t mention what that was.

Did you check the ‘Help → Camera selection’?

Screenshot from 2021-11-25 09-35-58


here is my part # i dont see it one list.i have 12x20 bed sizeLB_CAM-4KW-110

That’s what I was thinking… 5030 is 50cmx30cm or 20"x12".

How high are you mounting it?

There is some information about it in the add from Lightburn, assuming that’s where you got it…