Calibration Circles Card SIze

When I printed it, it came out at 8.5 by 11 it looks smaller in the vid? Does size of card matter? I intend to calibrate my lens after I get back from lunch. Looking forward to getting this completed :slight_smile:

Did you even watch the video, or just skim through it? He says it needs to be printed out at the same size in which it’s given. I had to use Photoshop to get it to print the correct size. Windows wants to scale it for some dumb reason. Maybe it should be released as a PDF instead of an image.

yes Watched it and it printed too

I was trying not to have to go all the way through it again to get the card size but I guess I will

Ok having done that it says about a quarter of a regular size of paper. Does anyone have the exact dimensions? thanks, I only want to do this once

The size of the card doesn’t have to be exact - what’s important is:

  • it is very flat
  • it fills the appropriate amount of the view when capturing

Windows will resize it, but you can choose a smaller card size, and turn off “fit to frame”: