Calibration not working

I am having troble getting my machine calibrated. I had Lightburn on an older Windows 10 laptop that died so I bought a new tower and installed it. I thought I had all the settings the same but when I try to calculate it it makes it worse instead of better. When I put the old numbers back in for 100 and 101 it wont recognize them either. I know its something I have wrong but dont know what. I am running an Openbuilds Acro 1010 with a blackbox on Windows 10.

The calibration info is stored in the laser itself, not the computer, so moving to a different PC wouldn’t affect it.

When you say “it won’t recognize them either” - what does that mean, exactly? Are things coming out the wrong size? If so, in what way? Or did you mean that the controller isn’t accepting those commands… ?

So I got the calibrate to work. But it might take 15 tries of measuring and changing the calibrate axis settings then going bak to home and doing it again. After getting both axis set and putting in a file I loose the settings again and its off again. Also the grbl numbers for 101 and 100 seem to be about half what the were on the other computer when it was running.

Also when I thought I had it set I open the file, put it in the middle, clicked on the move laser icon and the file and the laser went about half way out toward the center, when I did the frame it was only about 1/4 the origanial size.

You should be able to contact J-Tech and ask them what the correct values are for those settings. They’re pretty responsive.

I did finally get it calibrated to work and burn but the numbers I had to use were way off. Where $100 should be 26 it is now 52, where $101 should be 27 it is 55. The speed I have to run is about half as well and power is double. Not sure what is wrong. Jtech was no help at all.

It’s possible that the motor drivers are set to different micro-stepping than what are normally used. That’s one reason that could be different.

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