Calibration TL410c

Hello I have the following problem I want to calibrate my laser. When I laser 450mm it lasers 452.5mm. Now I am on device settings and x steps length and have changed this value. Unfortunately, he doesn’t accept that. Why is that? I have a K50 with a TL410c controller.
Thank you very much

Machine Settings are not complete for TopWisdom controllers yet. You’ll have to use AutoLaser to write settings back to the machine for the moment.

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many thanks for the answer

Unfortunately, i stupidly did the calibration and wrote settings back to machine on my topwisdom within lightburn and now have my laser alarming and not able to function like @kenink18 did. Does anyone have the axis settings i can enter into topwisdom controller manually to get back up and running as loading the backup of machine settings does not do this. Help. All was working so well after changing my tube and i had to go and fiddle that little bit more…