Cam Overlay won't line up with trace

I have a Sculpfun S30 Pro Max with a Sculpfun 500 cam. I did everthing to specs during the set up. However, my overlay does not match up with my tace. Any clue how it fix?

When setting up my camera for the first time, I didn’t zoom in to place my 4 crosses and that mistake cost me. How bad is it off by?

Here are some tips!

I zoomed rt in and made the crosshairs. Its low and to the right buy about 1/2 inch

In the camera control window you can manually apply corrections. Shift up/down and left right, and stretch/shrink X and Y. Click on the SAVE button to keep those corrections. I do find my camera is more precise at the center, and errors are larger at the extreme edges.

Be aware that the calibration needs to be done at the same height as the object is. Was it the case? Here are some additional tips:

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