Camara you have tried or think are good!

Hi I am trying to figure out how tall to build a enclosure but need to figure out what cameras to get first so was wondering.

1 - what are some good options for camera (Atomstack A70 Pro 600mm by 645mm bed area) besides the cameras on Lightburn offers?

2 - Have you had a good experience with some cameras?

3 - Also if Atomstack releases a extension for their machine not sure if they would since there is a A70 Max version, do you think the same cameras can be used for a extension version of a machine?

Any webcam will do. The higher the resolution, the better.

I tested $10 webcams, mini breadboard-cameras and the Sculpfun CAM500. All of them work, it depends on your use case which one is best.

Probably not very well. If they designed the camera for a common workspace like 400x400, you could use it for a larger one, but most likely the resolution will drop too much by mounting it much higher. In my experience, use the camera only for a part of the workspace then (if you have a 400x800 workspace, use the camera for 400x400 only).