Camera 8MP 110deg USB cord cut

Hello folks noob here and I have done some noob s**t!! My usb cable clamping system apparently was not up too the job and came undone and fell in front mirror #2 and cut her in half!! Question is where can I purchase said cable. Thanks

Cut in half, NOOooooooo…! Well, the laser is working it seems. :wink:

Sorry to hear this happened, but we got you. Here is a link to purchase the replacement cable for 8MP camera: 8mp camera cable (for 4KW camera) – LightBurn Software

Please note: If you are outside the US, you may be required to pay import duty on this item.

Thank you Rick. It was the best cut of the day!! :laughing:

I am not sure what to do with that comment. Congratulations? :laughing:

You are welcome friend.

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