Camera accuracy with non-LightBurn camera

I purchased a 5mp camera on amazon when your cameras were on back order, but I’m having accuracy issues. I placed a sheet of baltic birch on my bed today refreshed the view & placed the head on the top left corner & it was off by a little over a half inch. I’d love to be able to get this working. Will I need to purchase one of your 8k cameras?

Did you focus to the top of the material first? If so, have you changed the height of your lens (the focal distance) since you did the camera alignment?

Oz - Yes focused to the top of 1/4" ply with my stock lens. Nothing has changed. I place a piece of 1/4" ply on the bed & I’m off a good 1/2" maybe 3/4" i didnt measure it.

Thanks Gary

I re-ran the alignment wizard and the camera is a closer but still off a little. My problem getting it closer is because the resolution isn’t great & I cannot clearly see cross hairs to click on during alignment.

Do you know when the 8mp cameras will be back in stock? I may get one so i can get this as good as possible.

Thank you

The best estimate I can give is “soon”, unfortunately. The pandemic means that everything is slower than normal. I ordered almost two weeks ago, and there’s usually a 15 day lead time, but things are a lot less predictable lately.

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Thank you Oz, I’ll get one ordered as soon as I see they are back in stock.

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