Camera alignement when items are thicker then the workspace floor

Everything is aligned, i have the 4 markers printed on my floor base. then i pace i nail board to cut a thin piece of plywood so the items are essentially 1 inch higher now and now all the alignement are off.

So far i found that i need to make a cut test, not touch it, refresh the camera view, use the manual adjustment (move left right and up down and even the width and height) to make sure the perfectly match the cut items. then i can place another board at about the same place and be confident the alignment will be fine… but if i choose another corner of the work space, then my alignment goes off again and i have to repeat the manual adjustment done above.

Is this normal behaviour or should it be a set once and done situation (and NO the camera is not touched or being moved between all these tests) only the height of the material and it’s position on the workspace change.

The camera calibration and alignment assumes a fixed Z distance from the camera to the top of the material. Any deviation in that will throw off the calibration. So, basically it’s assuming that you focus the beam in the Z axis by moving the table and not moving the lens. If you are focusing by moving the lens that means the focal distance relative to the camera has moved by the same amount, throwing the calibration out.

figured, so for people like me with an Ortur LM2, if we add i thick butcher board resulting in carving happening 1 inch above my workspace i would technically need to re calibrate the alignment using a sheet with the 1,2,3,4 marquee placed ontop of my butcher board?

You would need to re-burn the 1,2,3,4 pattern because it needs to be placed exactly where LightBurn expects it. You cannot ever re-use a previously burned calibration pattern.

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