Camera alignment and update overlay

Hello guys, having a couple of issue, firstly overlay won’t show up on screen when pressed and have setup camera 4 different ways.

I have sculpfun S9 diode laser the bed size is 410x950, I have a webcam setup and it’s rated at 1060p but to get the whole cutting area the camera is rasied 1400mm above bed so yes on the roof. Funny enough I get a good score when calibrating, I did have it at around 500mm but couldn’t get whole bed in frame which didn’t concern me to much but when lining up targets it wanted to be centered on bed instead of one end, and if I was going to have centred I figure less get the lot.

I’m not sure if the height of the camera is why overlay isn’t working or not but it did work at first then stopped after I Re-calibrated it.

Any help would be great as there isn’t much in regards to diode lasers with extended beds.


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