Camera Alignment Calibration Crashes MacOS

Camera lens calibration went off without a hitch.

I then went on to camera alignment and it just doesn’t want to show the camera all the time in Mojave or Catalina (updated last night). It is an ELP 8MP 60 degree camera running on a macbook and freshly installed Catalina 10.15.2. After updating to Catalina LB quits unexpectedly. I can see the camera in photo booth and switch them without problems.

Camera not showing up. (facetime camera comes right up)

I did get it to work once and cut the alignment markers.

I have never got a visual on the camera for the next step

The inevitable finale is always…

I’m hoping a Mac guru might have an answer. I’m considering a windows 10 machine to see if I can make it work. Is it possible to get a 3rd license added.

Thanks for your time. Kresent

Thank you for reporting this. We would like to look at that crash report. We always want to see any crash reports, as LightBrun should not crash.

We can help with your license request. Please send your key, along with this crash report to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post and we can take a look.

It only took 5 minutes to get the camera purring along on a Windows 10 laptop. Information you requested has been sent. Thanks

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