Camera alignment code

This isn’t directly related to using lightburn, more a question on the code to do the video transformation - is it an open source transformation, as I’m working on a project to align 2 cameras in a similar fashion. Both can see a test pattern and need to combine into a larger image with minimal distortion.

Look up OpenCV.

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Great… I wasn’t thinking that it had distortion correction abilities.

Are you able to describe what you’re working on? Sounds interesting.

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It’s a computer vision system that combines 4 (or more) cameras into 1 360 image, but as there will be overlapping sections, I want to minimise distortion without being too onerous in the camera setup.

So I was thinking - place a chess board image in 9 positions (Much like lightburn) and get a good image (hopefully).

Problem is integrating enough cameras easily enough at a decent frame rate.

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That’s really cool.

I’m sure you’ve done a bit of research on this but have you seen this?
360° Video Stitching With Raspberry Pi Camera and OpenCV | by Vincent Jordan | The Startup | Medium

Yup… I saw that one, but there’s the possibility of issues as it needs features to align the images.

I was thinking of having well defined features and then splitting that image permanently - so any issues with feature identification are removed. Just a slightly longer initial setup.

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