Camera alignment image capture

Having issues configuring my camera to a newer K40. Connects fine, Camera is a 5Mp 170 deg fisheye, mounted to modified cover (Bulged plexiglas to mount camera above center of work area, sees a couple of inches beyond work area on all sides, focus is sharp. When trying to capture image, numbers vary greatly without moving or changing anything (1.04 to many thousands). Image captured varies as well from "normal to wildly distorted. Tried adding light in different areas, tried printing target dots in different scales 40%, 50%, 75% an 100%. None worked. Need help please.

Camera calibration can be a fussy process. It’s often easier to remove the camera from your workspace before calibrating. It’s normal for the first few captures to look distorted - sometimes wildly!

Here are some additional tips on the lens calibration process:

And a video guide:

I’ll try that. I was assuming that the camera needed to be mounted on the machine and the pattern card placed flat on the bed. under those conditions, the only thing I could adjust was lighting. Tomorrow AM I will try what the video showed. Thanks.

OK, making a little progress, I was able (with much fiddling around) to capture acceptable scores. But a new issue cropped up. I am running this laser with an OMTECH controller, which is not happy with the origin/home combo. At least I am able to get ok scores on the camera, Thanks!

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