Camera Alignment Impossible on MOPA

Trying out the new galvo modes, and of course, setting up the camera. Got it calibrated, but cannot align - the settings don’t make any marks on a MOPA, as I am guessing the pulse width is set somewhere in defaults, so the laser makes no mark with the settings available on the alignment screen.

I can only set speed and power, but unless frequency and pulse width are also set, the laser won’t make a mark.

Is this still in the works, or is there a defaults setting somewhere I can edit?

Running a JPT M7 60W MOPA that seems to work otherwise for red line preview and engraving (though pen results seem off from ezcad, even when set to the exact same numbers.)

Thank you!

Tried again, but still no dice. I see settings on the right, but they don’t seem to even correspond to the settings I put into the window in any way.

I can force the Frequency, by simply setting the lowest frequency in the program to what I want it to be (attempted for 300kHz), but I am not sure its working.

Also, I have experimented setting the speeds (both fill and line) to 5mm/s, 500mm/s [default], and 1000 mm/s, and in all cases nothing happened, but it also took the same amount of time - roughly 20 seconds, which leads me to believe that it’s not actually reading any of the changes I am making.

I was able to mark with my JPT 60 watt Mopa on card board painted black.

I will check to see what settings I used and let you know. Maybe this will help you out.

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