Camera alignment is good but framing is way off

I moved my Lightburn software to a new computer. as a result, I had to calibrate and align my camera in Lightburn. The process went well until I tested the alignment after all calibration was complete.
I thought the alignment was off by about 1/2 inch to the right. After running the alignment multiple times, I decided to burn an object “the Number 5” and then updated the overlay immediately when the burn was done, and the alignment was perfect, however, the framing was off to the right about 1/2 inch. I could not upload a video to show the framing path so I simulated it in the attached photo in a red line.

The alignment of the laser through the camera is good as shown in the first photo. What settings do I need to adjust so I can check my framing properly?

Alignment shot 2

Could you check your Edit → device settings for the laser pointer offset

also by framing i am assuming you mean the red laser not the actual blue laser?

Although this may not solve the problems you have now, it will reduce the number of problems in the future:

Hi Gil.
Laser offset is enabled with x at -16.00mm and Y at 0.00mm. The laser I have is Xtool D1Pro 40 Watts. If I turn the laser offset off, it will burn the image to the right of the actual location nin the program.

Thank you for the advice. I went back to my old computer and followed the suggested process, then imported the settings into the new computer, ran camera calibration then alignment and everything lined up perfectly.
I do not know what was different, however, it is all good now.
Thanks again.

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